A beautiful declaration of love even though love is not shared

She came to him, she met him in the Central Park, and she told him:
– I don’t know what you want from me, what you are dreaming or you hope, but I will never love of you, I will never love you in the way you love me, I have no feeling for you.
He said then:
– I understand. What I still don’t understand is why a man can love a woman after 20 years so much, why?
   I try to understand the physics. The mechanism who stand behind this Love.
   And I found three reasonable explications:
 1. The man are completely crazy, a psychopath.
  2. The man saw in the woman he loves something amazing, something that no other man can’t saw, and is like you are driving a Bentley and after a while you must drive a old car, you can’t forgot Bentley.
  3. A connection has taken place at subcontinent level, to both of them, and he saw it, but she didn’t, and even if she was not satisfied by her life, feeling that somethings is missing, but she doesn’t realize why.

She said:
– I don’t understand. Whatever, please don’t think about me anymore, please forget of me! Live you life, whatever it may be, and let me live my life whatever it may be. Because I will never love you.
He answered:
– I do. I love you. I always have. No matter what you are feeling about me, I will always love you, regardless of everything. And if you will ever need me, just let me know, and I will do everything I can to help you. And you know why.


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