My life – a big disappointment

I took in my life couple of bad decisions, things what can’t be changed or be remedied, and I was lived all my life in grief because of that.
I don’t think that there is some one who can understand this, but if is, I really want to meet that person, to talk with, let us encourage one another.
Some times the pain of my soul is to hard, and I wonder how much I will survive this way? This confusions, what to do next, what should I expect from the future, and thousand of many other questions with no answers, and the disappointments who make me to want to run so far away , in some place where no one can ever found me, not even the ghosts, plus full regret for my decisions, and the fact that I will always live with this remorse…
I know that after storm The Sun will rise again, but if the storm takes 15 years? Isn’t the possibility to not see the sun after all this darkness?
Because I don’t know how a man who’s not stupid, who studied psychology and quantum physics, can be a such fool in his own life, to do everything in order to destroy himself, taking so bad decisions ….. But maybe this is meant to be, good and smart people must to create their own hell.


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